What a difference a year makes…

Concan Country Club

Here’s a poor man’s time-lapse photo of the par-3 7th hole at ConCan Country Club, exactly one-year apart.  On the left, that’s SEMA Golf‘s Robert Larson (on left) and co-architect Randy Russell, who’s showing Robert some subtle changes he wants made to the bunkers and green surface.  And what a difference a year makes in the way a guy takes a picture.  Sheesh, I hate to even show that one on the left.

Another thing about the 7th at CCC.  Until I played the course a couple of times, I thought this would be one of the weaker holes, but now it’s one of my favorites.  I love a short par-3, and this one plays about 150 from the back tee.  The bottom of those bunkers carved out of the front of the green are about eight feet below the surface of the green.  If the flag is on the front, the play is to hit it long and live with a two-putt par.  Hard to do on a short par-3, which makes it a well-designed hole, in my opinion.


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