Five-pound crocs


Just got back from a week-long photo tour through Louisiana for Wilmax Construction. The last spot I shot was in Vinton, Louisiana, one of the southwesternmost towns in the state. In 2005, Hurricane Rita made landfall near there. I got caught in a sideways hailstorm along Interstate 10, just west of Lake Charles (before I pulled into Vinton) and here’s what I found at the construction site. After walking around for an hour or so in fresh gumbo mud, my Crocs weighed more than my D3 with the big lens on it. I’ve always hated Crocs, but this day was perfect for ’em. They’re the only shoes I can get clean at a car wash.


2 thoughts on “Five-pound crocs

  1. Im mucking through the spoiled gumbo that are my choices of local photographers in Lake Charles and came upon this image. You win the prize! Do you do weddings. I am a journalist by trade and saddened by my options….maybee you know some one in the area.


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