The 15th at UT Golf Club

UT Golf Club Hole 15

UT Golf Club Hole 15

I’ve been out at UT Golf Club lately, shooting all the holes for a display that’s going up in their new clubhouse (scheduled to be open in October 2008), and although this one didn’t make the cut as the shot for the 15th hole, it’s easily my favorite.  Why?  Because it makes me want to play golf.  UT Golf Club is a good design, but the condition of a golf course is what does it for me.  Tough demand to put on a golf course superintendent (hats off to Rich Cope), but it’s the cold hard truth of what golfers talk about when courses aren’t around.  Just look at the condition of the fairway and rough.  Makes even the worst golfer feel like he can hit a good shot.  As for design, who doesn’t love an enormous fairway?  Co-designer Roy Bechtol’s tagline is “It’s Boring in the Fairway.”  He’s referring to how he rarely hits them, and how much fun golf is when you don’t move with the herd.  Life, too, I suppose.


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