I’m a bear. Not the gay kind.

Studying the current economic landscape and how it affects me, you and other people I understand, I’ve come to realize that in business, I’m inherently bearish.  I run a bare bones photography company.  I undercharge, overdeliver and do things other photographers seem to turn their noses up at.  In the realm of “good, fast or cheap…pick any two,” I seem to mostly deliver on all three.  At my expense, of course.

I’m lucky that I can do business that way.  Most can’t.  I think my revenue growth is to blame for it.

I’m also lucky that I’ve seemed to fall upon the payroll of a few good clients who do business the same way, and we’re all in decent shape, despite the looming ___ession.  Fosforus is one, D-Crain is another, Wilmax yet another. All three are full of caring, giving, creative people who care about their clients and don’t give a shit about the trivial internal issues that drive most small businesses into the ditch.  Hopefully they see me in the same light.  Some of my previous clients don’t call anymore, and I couldn’t be more thankful.  Maybe we just didn’t fit.  No hard feelings here.

The bottom line is that my business model is one that will survive tough times.  It may not reap the benefits of the best of times, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.


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