Why Obama will win

Because in the current sliver of American history, we need John McCain.  But we want Barack Obama.  And needs only overcome wants in tough economic times.  Wait a second…


One thought on “Why Obama will win

  1. Obama is clearly the smooth talking orator who knows how to avoid and deflect any true substance (he reminds me of a luxury car salesman). We need McCain because although his “feathers may appear to be ruffled” in a debate, he clearly is the man with experience, the man who fought against his own party and often won (when he felt necessary) and he is a true American hero (who knows foreign policy in times of war and peace). Last night, when McCain asked Obamba what he had accomplished during his Senate term or how he had taken on his party, again Obama ignored yet another question — quickly going back to the economic crisis, obviously a priority for McCain, as well.

    Seriously, why should a junior Senator with just a few years of experience even be considered as a candidate for presidency? This is like a movie script, unbelievable, but everyone still claps at the end.

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