This was lying in my driveway over the weekend.  I saw it out there, but I didn’t pick it up for a couple of days in hopes someone would steal it.  In my opinion, junk mail on the ground is nothing more than litter.  Junk mail in my mailbox is worse, but if anyone’s going to stop it, let’s start with unsolicited phonebook delivery.

I learned a good lesson when I finally went out there and picked this thing up.  You see, that’s my photo on the cover.  It’s actually the property of Grey Rock Golf Club.  I shot it for their agency about a year ago.  So why do I care that it’s on this piece of junk mail?  Because I didn’t give them permission to use it.  The bad news (for me) is that I released the copyright to Grey Rock.

Here’s what I’ve learned:  I was under the (ignorant) assumption that Grey Rock wouldn’t give this photo to someone else.  I should’ve released a limited copyright to them, stating they could use it to promote themselves, but that they couldn’t give it to someone else.

The photo has a credit printed right on it that reads “Photo courtesy of Grey Rock Golf Club,” which is fine with me, but the phonebook publisher also used it inside (a couple of times) to promote the phonebook.  No credit to me or anyone on those.

I’ve rewritten my copyright release form.  Maybe you other young shooters should take a look at yours.


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