For contributions that result in another billboard on I-35.  Although, if something is going to compete with the view, I think this one actually helps.  That’s Marc DeWall there, my model, standing on the third tee at Cordillera Ranch.  (I posted about this earlier, and I’m glad this one made it all the way through.)  I shot this one under the direction of Trish McCabe-Rawls of Creative Noggin, for San Antonio-based KGB Texas.

A few thoughts on this:  The agency wanted to show “the uniqueness of the golf course” on a billboard.  They wanted to include a person, too.  Tall order, for sure.  A billboard has a very short amount of time to get its message across.  Mere glances by distracted drivers busy saving their own lives. Very few have the ability to arrest the viewer, and even fewer contribute to hard cash changing hands.  I suppose they have their place in the smelly darkness of “branding,” but I’m not an ad guy.  I simply don’t know.

The uniqueness of the golf course at Cordillera Ranch rests firmly in three places:  terrain, turf quality and condition. TERRAIN: It’s in the Hill Country, but there are no screwy lies and cliffs and other undesirable qualities of Hill Country golf.  TURF QUALITY:  Bossman David Hill and his team researched grasses and picked out the best for playability and aesthetics.  CONDITION:  There is no better in Texas. Some may be as good, but not one is better.

So back to the assignment.  Marc is a very nice looking guy, he looks like a golfer (because he is one…a damn good one).  The third hole shows the terrain, the turf quality and the condition.  All of it is real.  That is not a composited photo.

Looking back on this, I think we knocked it out of the park.  But again, I’m not an ad guy.


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