Help, please

Unidentified Texas Golf Course

Unidentified Texas Golf Course

I need your help.  While flying from Austin back in September 2008, on approach into DFW, I shot this one of a golf course, and I don’t know which one it is.  It must be somewhat west or southwest of DFW.  My first guess would be Bear Creek, since it’s so close to the airport, but I think this is another course.  Mainly because this place looks like it has better turf than Bear Creek.  Also, you’ll notice that the bunkers on the left side of the photo are white, as opposed to the sandy-red ones on the right.  I first thought it could’ve been two different courses, but they’re so close, I think it’s the same facility.  Maybe a facility with more than one course, which brings me back to Bear Creek.

Anyone out there who knows for sure?  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Help, please

  1. 100% sure that the white sand on the left is grapevine and the red/tan sand on the right is cowboys golf club. the view in your photo is to the east from about 5 miles straight north of dfw.

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