Post work


Par-3 8th Hole, UT Golf Club

I’ve been accepting cash for photography assignments now for two years, and I’m just now beginning to understand the critical aspect of good post-production work.  Getting the shot is important, sure, and probably the only thing that matters in photojournalism, but advertising work is a bigger animal.

I watched a Texas Monthly video narrated by art director TJ Tucker of a recent cover shoot of Boone Pickens and came to find out that the final image was a composite of several different photos.  Lots of hard work went into getting those shots, and true talent put them all together.  Randal Ford is an incredible shooter, and come to find he’s a master at post work, too.  That’s the part of the video that got me thinking and trying harder to deliver better shots to my clients.

So you may think, “what was done to that shot there of the 8th at UT Golf Club?”  Not a whole lot, and nothing to alter the composition of the image (beyond a little cropping), but there are lots of little tweaks and sliders that can separate a good image from a great one.

And for those interested, off the thousands of golf landscapes I’ve shot, I find that shooting par-threes is usually not much of a challenge.  The 8th hole at UTGC is a an exception to that finding.  Don’t let anyone tell you not to use a ladder.


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