It’s not your money

mealsonwheelsI’ve got small children, and we occasionally watch cartoons together.  Spongebob, Dora, some others.  If those cartoons weren’t loud and irritating enough, the ads that run between them are worse.  Yesterday, my five year-old asked, “Why do they have commercials?”  My best answer was, “All those people are trying to get your money.  They have something to sell you, and it’s your money they want in return for it.  You have money, and they have stuff.  You can buy whatever you want with your money, but if you give them all your money in return for their stuff, then you can’t buy anything else.  If their stuff is so great, why are they trying to get rid of it?”

He paused for a few seconds, took it all in and looked up at me and said, “Can we give them your money?”

Working for Meals on Wheels and More on one particular project has taught me something, too.  Mrs. Rodriguez, there on the left, is going to grace the side of a MOWAM delivery van.  The call to action is for volunteers.  It’s not your money they’re after.  Only your time.  And they’re not asking for much of it.

I know some of you are struggling just to take care of your own selves and families, and you literally have no time to give, and it’s perfectly okay to not do anything.  No one is begging or demanding or trying to guilt you into this.  They’re only asking.  As my friend Terry Boothe likes to say, “No” is a perfectly acceptable answer.


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