How to do the Zilker Trail of Lights

zilker-trailThey’re flipping the switch on Trail of Lights tonight down at Zilker Park.  That’s a shot there from 2006.  It’s an incredible display, and I highly recommend going to the trouble.  Here’s a good plan for your family:  You dads drop off the whole crew at Chuy’s and drive the car back down to the parking area at the end of the trail (at the west end of Zilker, near where Stratford dumps out into Barton Springs Road), and walk back up to Chuy’s for an early dinner.  Walk over to the entrance of the trail from Chuy’s, and buy a few glow-sticks along the way.  That way, you’ll be doing all the legwork while the family waits for a table to open up.


One thought on “How to do the Zilker Trail of Lights

  1. That’s a great plan. An alternative is to have a friend who lives in the neighborhood invite you to park at their place, and walk down to enjoy the lights together. Thanks,

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