Mark Knowles


Here’s a shot of him taking a rest on one of the practice courts at the 2008 US Open. He had an injury and lost his third round match the following day.  But I doubt it was a big deal to him. Let me tell you a little bit about this guy.  For those who don’t follow tennis, Mark is one of the greatest doubles players in history.  A few months ago, he won his 50th career title at the Davidoff Swiss Indoors with his partner Mahesh Bhupati.  I spent some time with Mark in New York, and while he’s a top-tier athlete, he’s also very kind, generous, grounded and a devoted husband and father to their two boys. His wife and mine have been friends for 25 years.

He’s also a damn good golfer, but I plan to take him out and give him a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’ this spring at the course of his choice.  All the best on the court in 2009, MK.


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