Never say never

wedding1I still don’t know why I agreed to it, but I’m going to shoot a wedding.  I’m only doing it because the groom asked me to, and he’s a lot bigger than me.  And he said his fiance is NOT a bridezilla.

I’m not going to tell you when and where, because I don’t want someone sneaking around taking pictures of me shooting it, like I did to this shooter a couple of years ago.  I took a few frames of her with the specific intention of going down there and asking her if she’d like a few shots of herself.  To help show herself off.  I don’t know a single shooter that hires a photographer to shoot him/her for marketing and advertising.  Strange, isn’t it?  Anyway, I got caught up in what I was shooting upstairs and never got down there to ask her name.  Maybe you recognize her?


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