Golf Magazine

buckmayers That’s Buck Mayers, one of the best golf instructors in the world there on the left, with freak of nature Nyle Pruitt.  Buck wrote an article for Golf Magazine and was kind enough to invite me to shoot the photos for it.  Buck has a gift for cutting through the BS of golf instruction, and he’s been working with Nyle with Motion Golf technology to improve his positions and planes.  (You gadget heads would go nuts over that stuff.  You get all suited up with dots and lights, then hit balls, and the sensors draw you up into a sort of 3D wire-frame figure.  It’s badass.)  But back to Nyle.  Routinely hitting it 400+ wasn’t enough.  Maybe I’ll post a few shots of Nyle actually hitting a ball, but it won’t make you do this like it almost did me.  You’ve got to hear it to appreciate the punishment this guy lays on a golf ball.  I’ve only heard that sound a couple of other times.  The sick part is that he was only swinging at about 60%.  He had shoulder surgery just 15 weeks ago.  Remarkable, sure, but not when you consider what an athlete this guy is.  (And it probably mattered that his doc is also Tiger Woods’ and Michelle Wie’s.)


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