Your moment of Zen

nylepruittsequence1This, my friends, is what you want your golf swing to look like through impact.  But only if you want to have a little flip wedge into a five par.  Behold the fluid power of Nyle Pruitt, one of the world’s most talented longballers.  I always assumed these guys only hit it far but couldn’t really play.  Not so.  Nyle has multiple mini-tour wins and shot 62 in one pro event.  You laugh at a mini tour win, do you?  Go tee it up in one, then go look in the paper the next day and feel the weight of the leaderboard on top of your name.  These guys can play.  Wouldn’t it be WAY MORE FUN TO WATCH these guys bust it around Augusta National?  Trying to recover from the straw at times, sure, but also watching them fly it onto the 18th green?  I can hear Jim Nantz now.  “Zubak is going to need to make 2 on the last two holes to force a playoff with Sadlowski, who sits in the clubhouse at 41-under.  Over to Oostie at 15.”  “Thanks, Jimmy.  Pruitt’s got this slippery downhiller for albatross.”


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