Tyler Texas GolfI consider this one of the best golf landscapes I’ve ever shot.  I took this one and some others for TMCP for inclusion in the 2009 Texas Bound for Golf guide that just hit the streets yesterday.  What’s strange is that I sent this one and nine others to the developers and the pro at The Cascades over three months ago, and I never heard back.  No “nice job” or “that’s interesting” or “that sucks.”  Nothing.  I also sent it to the people in charge of selling boxes in that condo back there.  Again, no comment.  As much as it sounds like I care, I really don’t.  I’m really more confused than concerned.  If you owned this golf course or were responsible for selling things around it, how would you feel about this photo?  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe this shot falls into a crack of apathy, and it’s neither good nor bad.  Just another golf picture.  If that’s the case, I need to seriously consider doing something else.


2 thoughts on “Strange

  1. Just to let you know I never recieved any pictures.I asked for Carlton to send pictures and I never recieved any. Maybe you should have checked to see if anyone got them before publishing this article.

    Kenny huff

    • You received them and replied that you’d like to have one blown up in the pro shop. Here’s a quick timeline:

      October 29, 2008: I shoot the course and email a slideshow of photos to you.
      January 7, 2009: I post the photo (and op-ed) under “Strange” (this very post).
      February 23, 2009: You emailed me asking me to send pics from my visit.
      February 24, 2009: I emailed you one photo. You said you loved it and wanted to get one large enough to frame in the pro shop.
      February 28, 2009: After no response, I left you a voicemail and followed that with an email.
      May 28, 2009: You emailed me asking to re-send the slideshow, as you had misplaced them.

      So, after all this time, “Strange” remains an appropriate title for this post.

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