Texas Bourbon

garrisonbrosSome people are into wine, horses, art, hunting, other stuff.  I like Bourbon whiskey.  I also like finding a new one, especially one that’s right down the street.  One that, when I buy it, keeps money here in Texas.  Nothing against Kentucky or Tennessee, I’ve certainly exported plenty of cash to both, and I probably still will even after Garrison Brothers opens the tap for good.  But maybe not.  If this stuff is as good as Dan Garrison says it is, there will be a noticeable imbalance in the economies of the abovementioned states.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek into Texas’ first legal Bourbon distillery.


One thought on “Texas Bourbon

  1. I have just recently learned of this “TX Bourbon” that is in process and I am VERY interested!! I am a Bourbon whiskey enthusiast from Louisiana and have just relocated to Austin. How exciting it was to find out there is a bourbon distillery right up the road… and one of whos’ sweet creation has yet to be tested.

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