Randal Ford

lacey_stockbauer1I am not Randal Ford.  Wish I were, in some ways.  Like when it comes time to shoot a Texas Monthly cover.  Randal is a supertalented shooter and a master of post production.  I think I’ve stumbled onto a small degree of his look here with this shot of Lacey, a volunteer at MOWAM, but I’m learning that when a magazine or agency goes looking for a shooter, their decisions have very little to do with what that shooter can do with his camera.  It’s really about what he can do with the entire scene.  A good still photographer has to be lots of things.  Technically sound, creative, a good director, well-versed in production, set design, lighting and wardrobe.  He can’t stink or cuss or violate the environment with personal opinion or political views.  And that’s if he’s just shooting people.  Those are just the basics.  That same guy has to be easy to be around and must have the ability to make his subject comfortable enough to emit the look he wants.  He also has to know business.  His business and his client’s business and his client’s client’s business.

It’s this little revelation here that gives me hope for my chances to be hired again and again.  With the digital landscape evolving so rapidly, it’s easy to question the future of photography as a business.  Unless you consider what really separates the pros from the amateurs.


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