Name that beverage


I’ve been drinking this stuff for years and never knew about words of wisdom underneath the bottle cap.  Now I’m wondering how long they’ve been there.  Someone please tell me that it’s something new.  Also, in the spirit of the recent global obsession with my “Name That Hole” contests, I challenge you all to write in your best guess as to what’s printed on the other side of that cap there.  For you Aggies, that means I’m asking for the company name.


One thought on “Name that beverage

  1. Sweet Leaf Tea. And I didn’t know that b/c of the tags you left leading like little breadcrumbs to the answer. And yes, they’ve been putting them there for a while. Snapple does it too; I don’t know who started it but Sweet Leaf Tea’s words of wisdom are much hipper and more fun.

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