austin texasI was commissioned a year ago to produce some photos for display in a downtown condo.  Here’s one from the shoot.  This one, to me, shows downtown Austin as I see it.  Not the traditional skyline. More of a feeling that downtown is there, but it’s not nearly as important as the environment that surrounds it.

Reminds me of how backward our government sees this whole economic mess.  They gave more of our money to another failing company (AIG…you know the one who ran those commercials about how much money they had?) yesterday.  I have some questions.  Where would the Dow and the S&P be today, if the tax-evaders public bathroom perverts prostitution clients government hadn’t given trillions of dollars to mismanaged companies?

And while all this is going on, half the country is focused on OctoMom and the other half on American Idol.


4 thoughts on “Austin

  1. Hey there buddy . . . Don’t you be dissin’ American Idol. Are you going to come down on the only primetime show that I can actually watch with my children? It’s good, clean fun (aside from whatever crazy drugs Paula is on but she looks like an idiot all the time, so there’s a lesson for the kids there, too).

  2. I look at the Backyard being replaced by a Linens and Things and see that suburban sprawl has gotten out of control. It seems every generation has a vision or memory of what Austin should be. If we don’t put an end to scorched earth development practices that create sprawl, then we risk losing our hill country to strip malls. I would rather concentrate density in downtown Austin and build vertically.

  3. But more importantly, Jude, what do you think of American Idol?
    Oh, just kidding. I have to laugh or the thought of the Backyard being bulldozed will spiral me into a severe depression.

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