Texas Hill Country Golf

Barton Creek Resort

Here’s a couple of guys coming off the 17th green of the Fazio Foothills course at Barton Creek Resort & Spa here in Austin a couple of days ago.  Barton Creek came to Austin about the same time I did, back in the late eighties, and it’s still the best, at least for me.  The three courses there on the main property are good enough and provide enough diversity for me that I could be a member there and never feel a strong urge to play anywhere else.  That, in itself, is the same way I feel about Austin.  It’s the only place I’ve lived where I didn’t feel like I needed a vacation from it.


2 thoughts on “Texas Hill Country Golf

  1. Barton Creek in Austin – A Resort to Avoid

    My cousin recently got married. The hotel my aunt selected was Barton Creek in Austin. We had several Very Bad Experiences at this location. First for $285.00 (it’s much more if you want to golf) a night, you expect competent help. They were not. Also my sister’s car was robbed while in Valet Parking and among the items stolen was a PDA I’ve had for years. Beers were Five Bucks, water was eight Bucks. In short, this resort is a place to avoid. The Resort didn’t replace my PDA (by the way) even after I wrote the Property Manager about it.

  2. Those who know me know that I value a scathing review more than a bunch of bullshit, so I appreciate your comment, Eddie. And I have no doubt that you’re probably leaving out some of the bad shit that happened. Barton Creek’s service has declined significantly since Brent Buckman left. I was really referring to the golf courses, though. Seems that service today is reserved for the super rich, leaving the rest of us to put up with stuff like what happened to you there at BC. Barton Creek’s core business, I think, is corporate groups, meetings, stuff like that. It’s a shame, really, because at one time, it was an incredible resort and club for its members and for the golf traveler wanting somewhere nice to go. It has always been expensive, but at least you used to get something for it.

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