Name that hole



11 thoughts on “Name that hole

  1. Oh, Its Mr Black – Dad was a big Connie Mack fan in the day.

    Any tip for a filter / filters to make my outdoors photos more vivid ?

    NativeTexanCB (I liked to my photos of the TLU girls golf team at Con Can a few weeks back). We have a lot in common, I lay in bed and dream about going back to Con Can, and especially now that they have had some rain.

  2. I thought about passing off my careless gender assumption to a typing error. But the “s” and the “r” are just far enough apart that no one would buy it. Plus, it’d be dishonest.

    My apologies. The only Connies I’ve ever known have been women. In fact, my athletic career was somewhat shaped by one…Connie Altick. She was a fine tennis player when we were kids. So was I, so I thought. As a cocky 12 year-old, I challenged her to a match, thinking “there’s no way I could lose to a girl.” We shook hands 30 minutes after she whipped my little redneck ass, 6-2, 6-0.

    I wonder where she is now…I’d like to challenge her again.

  3. Connie Mott, Oakridge La. Longtime friend of “the Ethridges” I remember my first match with Ms. Connie Altick…pretty much the same beating I took and licked my wounds!
    Ms. Connie is now Connie Banovac and living in Washington D.C.
    Her brother Jay, as you already know, was even better than she was at tennis.

  4. The photo also captures the 11th at Apple Rock. One of the few courses I have played with back to back par 5’s. Walden on Conroe #9 and #10 is the same way. Can you think of others?

  5. The Rawls course (Texas Tech – Lubbock) ends with two par-5s. Some of us are beat down by the end of a round, others are just getting in the groove at the end. Thus love it or hate it.

    You have to go play this course. They moved lots of dirt and quite a bit of it wound up around the course, thus some protection from wind, but also isolating golfers from the hub-bub on the edges of the golf course. A gem out in the middle of the south plains.

  6. I can’t wait to play the Rawls course. It was designed by one of the best designers living today, Tom Doak, who designed Pacific Dunes, the number two course on Golf Digest’s Top 100 public courses in America (number one is Pebble Beach). If you wanna see some photos of an incredible golf course, google “Cape Kidnappers New Zealand”, which is another Tom Doak design. Here is a teaser:

    BTW, CW, great site!

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