The XV Ranch

xv-ranchIf I had a million dollars, I’d buy you a ranch.  Specifically, a 100-acre ranch next door to the Salt Lick, 17 minutes from my office at 6th and Brazos, known as The XV.  I know, I know, the economy sucks and we’re supposed to be saving, but I look around at all the smart people buying stuff right now, and I realize that maybe I should, too.  Warren Buffett has always advised me to “buy when there’s blood in the streets.”  I’m not sure if we’re there yet here in Austin, but if we’re not, it’s probably coming.  Aside from that, in the twenty years I’ve lived here, I can’t imagine getting that much land, that close to town, for that price.  Besides, if I can’t make my payments, the government will step in and give me some of my grandkids’ money to get me through it.  Right?


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