The game of golf

knowlesI played with Mark Knowles last Friday at Barton Creek Fazio Canyons.  That’s him there hitting a 50-yard bunker shot on the 5th hole.  He’s quite a golfer, despite being one of the best tennis players of all time.  He’s currently the 8th ranked doubles player on the ATP Tour.  Taking nothing away from his “golf” ability, I’ve come to notice that most gamesmen make good golfers, too.  Notice I didn’t say “athlete.”  Knowles is obviously a world-class athlete, but he plays the game of golf, and that’s what makes him a good player.  Regardless of what your golf instructor tells you, golf is not an athletic move.  Webster’s defines “athletic” as: Physically strong, fit, active.  None of those are required to play golf well.  They help, sure, but golf is a game.  It’s a shame we spend all this time teaching swing mechanics and encouraging everyone to “get fit for golf” and all that other useless peripheral nonsense.  Teach someone the GAME of golf, and you’ll fix every single problem he has.


5 thoughts on “The game of golf

  1. I’m up for that. Doubtful there’s room for any golf in the next month, though. If so, let’s go. ES just quit Barton Creek. Said he wants to play the field. I want to go down to the Rio Grande Valley and play. Eat some South Texas grub.

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