What is this?

whatisthisAll correct answers win something.  Not sure what yet, but something cool.


4 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Hmmmm…. non Golf

    Something on an airplane, or the zipper on Madonna’s pants (rivets not teeth).

    Something on the lower part of the wing…. I need to do some research, I’ll make my official guess later in the morning – the Heat and Drought are clouding my mind as I try to escape in the suburbs of Wimberley this morning.

  2. OK, I won – I am pretty sure I won a month’s worth of lunch at Chupacabra’s. Box it up and send it to me. In this weather I am pretty sure it will stay warm, so box up the whole month’s worth !

    Still need a photo tip (polarizing filter do/dont/don’t bother) if this is a better reward than a months worth of food !

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