aerialsouthwestSouthwest knew what it was doing when it selected its ticker symbol.  I’m sure it was because of its home base there in Dallas at Love Field, but I luv that company.  Strange that they seem to be able to operate so well, so safely, so happily and so profitably when others cannot.  People sure bitch about Southwest, and I think there was even a TV show based on travelers’ complaints, but if there’s a choice, I fly Southwest every time.  This here’s a shot of them bringing me back from Vegas, with money in my pocket and no hangover.  The three guys behind me who were celebrating a buddy’s return from Iraq?  Not sure if they had any money left, but they were not feeling so well.


3 thoughts on “LUV

  1. I thought about selling it to them, but I bet they get solicited all the time with stuff like this. Thanks for the good word. It’s real. cw

  2. Also, a bit of trivia: The area just to the right of the tip of the winglet is called “The Narrows” and is where Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson filmed that video.

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