AUSTIN, TEXAS – JAN 1, 2010  (From Market Reports) So that’s the total number of views this ol’ blog got in 2009.  Slightly lower than the street anticipated, but up almost 10% from the 2008 numbers.  Concern for the future of the blog as a business?  Not so, says one officer of the company.  “Since Carlton Wade Photography’s blog has no revenue and incurs no expenses, we feel the health of the company is sound, and future growth looks promising, especially in terms of profit and loss.”  He went on to add, “Carlton Wade Photography’s blog is a dynamic media outlet, and the operations team can change fonts, colors, add photos and even ‘hyperlinks’ to it’s UI (user interface).  We’re excited about what 2010 will bring in terms of new visitors, possibly even some from outside of Austin (Texas).”


2 thoughts on “CWP BLOG TAKES GLOBAL LOOK AT 2010

  1. I think I helped drive up the numbers. While experimenting with twitter I linked to the blog pretty often, and now I am experimenting with facebook (extremely more useful than I had originally thought) and adding a link to the blog whenever the content or photos are great (pretty darned often).

    Future VP of CWP Blog marketing ??

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