Meet Bradley D. Dunn, one of Austin’s up-and-coming songwriters.  A good man with a beautiful family, a day job, a solid golf game and tons of songwriting talent spanning several genres of music.  Brad was in a hair band back when hair bands were the thing and has played rock and country and traveled the world with Sugar Ray and has thousands of stories from the road, I’m sure.  I didn’t ask out of sheer jealousy.  Had a good time with him during this shoot down at Fosforus.  Have a listen to a few of Brad’s recent songs here.


3 thoughts on “Songwriter

  1. Carlton, you are indeed a beautiful person. The fabric of your soul is woven with golden threads of kindness and warmth. Thank you for being such a good friend to Brad and to his family and know that this member of that family really enjoys your company.

  2. Joanna,

    It took me this long to figure out how to respond to your note there, and I still don’t know what to say. That’s so far above the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. I, too, enjoy your company. Jack and Scarlett could scour the universe and not find a better grandmama.


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