Seve Ballesteros

I warned them that anyone who thought they could beat me at any sort of “cook off” needed to get out more.  And once I arrived and saw the competitors’ crock pots (you better sit down for this…some of them were electric), I knew right away I’d walk with that medal you see there.  Not unlike Seve Ballesteros in 1980.  After playing in the US for the first time and watching PGA Tour players chipping out from the trees, he said to reporters, “There’s no way anyone will beat me at Augusta.  I knew I was going to win before the plane landed.”  He did and went on to become one of the world’s most beloved golfers to watch play.  A fearless, swashbuckling Spaniard with no desire to play it safe or finish second.

Last night, as my beloved Saints were getting the job done, I ventured out to the incredible and irreplaceable Robinson Ranch with an old cast-iron pot full of CW’s Secret Chili for the 2nd Annual Good Shepherd Episcopal School Chili Competition.  An hour later, I stood in front of the crowd holding that medal.  It’s highly doubtful anyone will ever touch that medal again now that I’m in the game, but the third-place finisher last night is a worthy competitor, and since she’s from Fort Worth (they know their chili in FW) and went to school in New Orleans (where they know their cookin’), I’ll have to shift into another gear for the 2011 Championships.

Game on.  Geaux Saints.


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