Why is this not litter?

So on the way back from lunch at Casino el Camino yesterday, I saw this on the dirtiest, stinkiest, most disgusting sidewalk in North America (6th Street, Austin, Texas) and see this.  If it were a Pepsi top, I think the same old thought would come to mind:  “People are thoughtless pigs, littering on my street.”  Maybe even if it were a Budweiser top.  Maybe. Definitely if it were ANY light beer.  But Coke has brand power with me like no other.  I wonder why.  Because I’ve never, in 44 years, had a bad experience with it?  Or maybe I have, and it still didn’t prevent me from buying it again.

4 thoughts on “Why is this not litter?

  1. That made me think; and you are right. And it almost glimmers like gold (maybe sticks out is the right phrase), since it is on such a filthy, dirty, grimy place.

    You are right about it, and it is almost mini pop-art the way it jumps off the frunge.


  2. Looks like litter to me.

    www. killercoke (dot) org

    The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke originated to stop the gruesome cycle of violence against union leaders and organizers in Colombia in efforts to crush their union, SINALTRAINAL. Since then, violence, abuse and exploitation leveled against Coke workers and communities have been uncovered in other countries as well, notably China, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico and Turkey.

  3. Well, that sounded a bit pedantic. It could actually look more like art than litter, but I’m not sure if that’s objectively – based on color, line, and composition – or subjectively, based on pop appeal and long-held traditions. For my part, it’s the subjectivity of knowing of their corporate practices, that makes it look less like art, and more like litter.

  4. You are correct. It is litter. The photo you took is art. Simple enough? Kinda like hitting a high fade into a right to left breeze. See it, feel it, trust it. 🙂

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