We’re all learning.  Like today, I learned how to use another tool in Photoshop.  And I learned that I can print stuff wirelessly from my phone. I love learning.

So as you punks kids masturbate make your way through high school, think of the old guy who has to pick this up out of the street in front of his driveway.  Think before you roll down the window of your Kia Sorento (but not before turning down the Justin Bieber music you don’t want anyone to know you listen to) and intentionally litter.  Think, and learn.

Keep Texas Beautiful, you precious little creatures, and have a very Happy New Year.

Another iPhone shot

Waiting for my wife and kids at Maudie’s on Lake Austin Boulevard, I shot this one of my pre-lunch companions.  I love Chuy’s, Guero’s, Tres Amigos, Cisco’s, Nuevo Leon and all the Tex-Mex places here in Austin, but if they all went away and Maudie’s was the only one left standing, I’d be just fine, for nothing else but the four things here:  their chips, salsa, queso and margaritas. A plate is a plate…it’s this stuff that creates the separation.  Joe Draker one of my local heroes.


So I finally got an iPhone, and as much as I like it, I’m astonished by the quality of the photos it takes.  I say “it,” because there are no settings.  It’s all automatic.  This is the first photo I took with it, today, on 6th Street.  The only Photoshop work done here was to cut the file size in half.  Incredible.  Those people there at Apple may just have a future in computers and stuff.