So I went out and dug up the shots I’ve posted here on this blog over the last couple of years and found which ones were clicked the most, along with a few that Google ranks the highest when searching for things I think are necessary to find me.  If this is the collection of what represents me as a photographer, I’ve got some work to do.  My tagline for the coming year:  “Shoot More Skin in 2010.”

Name that golf course


From a consumer marketing standpoint, here’s a good reason to avoid aerial photography of golf courses, at least in the Hill Country.  I don’t care who you are.  You can’t tell me that this shot does anything for anyone (except maybe a developer or a homebuilder.)  I hate the word “standpoint.”

Name that beverage


I’ve been drinking this stuff for years and never knew about words of wisdom underneath the bottle cap.  Now I’m wondering how long they’ve been there.  Someone please tell me that it’s something new.  Also, in the spirit of the recent global obsession with my “Name That Hole” contests, I challenge you all to write in your best guess as to what’s printed on the other side of that cap there.  For you Aggies, that means I’m asking for the company name.

My book


So for those who don’t want to click through the whole blog and sit through my ramblings, click here to see a random sample of some images from the past year or so.  Shots from assigments, directed shots, personal stuff.  Chase Jarvis, at one point, asked readers to send in their opinions as to which ones in his portfolio they liked (and disliked) most.  I’d sure appreciate some feedback from you.  I like them all, so if you only want to tell me which ones suck, that’s okay, too.  Thanks for any input.