The Carillon

Living in a restaurant-rich town like Austin, one of the most commonly asked questions for business lunchers and couples looking for a place to have a nice dinner is, “Where should we go?”  Consider The Carillon at the AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center.  Chef Josh Watkins is one of the most brilliant creative culinary minds in the business, and he continues to amaze and impress me with the things he does with the most simple ingredients.  I shot a bunch of his stuff last night, and the best part?  The team and I got to eat it all afterward. Tough job, those food shoots.  Big thanks to Chef Watkins and his staff, and to Keith Purcell, Terrence Moline and Delia Huang for all the help.

Another iPhone shot

Waiting for my wife and kids at Maudie’s on Lake Austin Boulevard, I shot this one of my pre-lunch companions.  I love Chuy’s, Guero’s, Tres Amigos, Cisco’s, Nuevo Leon and all the Tex-Mex places here in Austin, but if they all went away and Maudie’s was the only one left standing, I’d be just fine, for nothing else but the four things here:  their chips, salsa, queso and margaritas. A plate is a plate…it’s this stuff that creates the separation.  Joe Draker one of my local heroes.

Congratulations to The Shady Grove!

tweet-seatI never even knew this was a contest, but evidently, at The Shady Grove down there on Barton Springs Road, you can sit in (and tweet from) the first ever “Tweet Seat Champion Chair.” Evidently, Twitter‘s GPS functionality can identify from exactly where the most tweets have been sent, and to think our own little Shady Grove is such a hotspot for the twitterazzi, having broadcast over 71 million tweets in 2009 alone.  Congratulations, Shady Grove, and thanks to Twitter’s media people for the use of this shot.

The Shady Grove’s Hamburger

shady-grove-1Had lunch at Shady Grove yesterday, and in my eternal quest to find the best hamburger (NOT cheeseburger) in Austin, I realize now that theirs should be on my short list.  I tend to forget about Shady Grove for regular client lunch meetings.  Not anymore.