Shot at High Noon

So I got a call from my pals out at UT Golf Club yesterday, needing a shot of #12.  I dug up this one and thought about what a handy tool HDR has been for me and golf.  I shot this one at high noon a few years ago.  Before, shooting a golf course at any time other than “the golden hour” was a bad idea.  Noon was out of the question.  Not anymore.  You real estate marketers remember this when you’re told you can’t shoot in the middle of the day.

2011 Texas Gubernatorial Inauguration

Once upon a time…

When your car has no A/C, and it’s 107 degrees, a place like this looks pretty inviting on an August Austin afternoon.  It’s probably cold and dark in there.  Just like the Budweiser bottle I’m sure I’d trade a couple of dollars for. But I have a job and a family, so I kept driving.  The end.

A thousand words

Never again will I have to explain what it is I like about downtown Austin.