ambushSurely that’s what Roy Bechtol and Randy Russell (together or apart) felt when Lajitas announced that Lanny Wadkins would assume responsibility for redesigning the golf course out there after the massive flood.  I shot this one back in 2001.  Couple of questions:  Why wouldn’t they bring Bechtol and/or Russell back for the fix?  Both of them know every square inch of that place.  They know the drainage issues, environmental challenges, agronomic nuances and everything else better than anyone.  And with all due respect to Lanny, his playing career and his golf course design philosophy, if they were looking for a “name” to attach to the design, why not go get one that commands a bigger bang for the buck in terms of dirt selling?  I don’t expect an answer.  Just curious.


The 9th green at UT Golf Club

utgolfclubhole9Here’s a shot of the 9th green and approach area out at UT Golf Club.  This hole has dozens of great photographs just waiting to be captured.  It’s a great par-5, too.  Big, bending, well-bunkered with a small green.  The only thing I don’t like is that it looks like the safe play is left of the green.  Not so.  There’s a big shaved collection area over there that’s a fairly tough up-and-down.  At least for someone with the yips me.


lajitas-golfI just read a story by Steve Habel of Bechtol Golf about how the recent flooding of the Rio Grande demolished the golf course at Lajitas almost beyond repair.  Shame.  I shot this one back in 2002, and I really enjoyed the golf course, the town, the feel of the place.  Gavin Heap was the pro then.  Maybe he still is.  Word has it that the golf course will reopen in March 2009.  I’ll go back, for sure.  The silence on that golf course is unbelievable.

The Golf Club of Texas

What’s remarkable is that this course shares a driveway with Briggs Ranch.  They’re literally right next to one another, and the terrain of each is completely different.  I think I remember someone saying that the Balcones Fault line runs right between both courses.  Could’ve been Roy Bechtol, the guy who designed this one. I shot this back in 1998 with cheap Kodak negative film in an old Minolta somethingorother.