Jack Nicklaus and Carlton Wade

Most of you thought you’d see those two names right next to each other, high up on a yellow British leaderboard.  Gotta go, Jack’s jet arrives at ABIA any minute.  He’s flying me down to play an exhibition at Lost Tree.

Deeper inside

crclubhouse2 Here’s the main dining room in the clubhouse, which looks out across the first fairway and 40 miles of Hill Country up toward Sisterdale and Luckenbach.  They were beginning to move in the furniture while I was there.  You Cordillera Ranch members sure are going to have a nice place to eat/drink/settle bets/whatever.  Not sure, but I think Mike Marsh is responsible for this incredible building.



Here’s a peek inside the clubhouse at Cordillera Ranch.  More to come..

A new day at Cordillera Ranch

cordillera_ranch_2009The clubhouse is almost ready to open its doors.  I’ve always loved everything about this place, but I had no idea how nice the clubhouse would be, and how well it wraps up the whole property.  I shot this one last Tuesday morning around 7:30 from the road coming in.

Progress and separation

cordillera-ranch-2009Just got back from a day trip to the incomparable Cordillera Ranch.  Shot a few, played the course and shot some more.  The clubhouse is coming along and should be finished out by the end of the year.  The course looked incredible, and the greens were even better.  I don’t claim to know stimp readings, but I’d guess theirs were running about 12+.  I played poorly, so I won’t tell you what I shot, but I played the day before the first round of the Valero Texas Open, and three PGA Tour players were there playing right behind us:  Jim Gallagher, Jr., Jimmy Walker and Mike Heinen.  The wind was blowing a steady 15mph and gusting to 30.  The course was playing hard and fast, and I mentioned those greens.  Heinen shot 65 and broke the course record by three.  I want to think he’s lying, but I doubt it.  I just can’t believe someone is that good.  Or that there’s that much separation between me and the average Tour player.  Scratch that.  Heinen hasn’t been on anyone’s radar in over a decade, so he might not even be considered average, but anyone who even came close to breaking par at Cordillera Ranch last Wednesday is far better than average.

John Deere

johndeereStumbled across this last night while out trolling for image thieves.  First, congratulations to the Hill Family and everyone involved with Cordillera Ranch for this recognition.  Well deserved.  Seems a division of John Deere is doing something called the 18 Most Beautifully Brutal Golf Holes, and they sure got it right when they picked #16 at Cordillera.  Beautifully brutal is the most appropriate description I’ve heard yet for that one.

Back to Cordillera Ranch

cordillera14I haven’t been there in a few months, but I stumbled across this shot of the par-4 14th, one of my favorite holes there.  A short one, with a small green and lots of cool features up in the landing area and around the green.  I’ve only played a few Nicklaus courses, but I doubt he’s ever done a better job fitting a GREAT GOLF COURSE into the terrain so well.  Maybe because he and Jim Lipe had such a good team on the ground there with David, Charlie and Chris Hill, and with Mike Sheridan.