Front yard envy

D-CRAIN Design & ConstructionSo just down the road from where I shot ol’ Larry Trader lies another piece of landscape artistry from Dylan Robertson and his team at D-Crain.  I still haven’t been able to get my brain around what I like about their work, at least in terms of a tangible explanation, but I love what they do to a canvas of dirt.  I shot this home last year, before all the plants were in the ground, and there was a real power to the stark beauty of it.  Now I love it even more.  The textures, the encroachments, the colors, and the hard edges of the hardscapes combined with the ethereal flow of the grasses and the plush zoysiagrass lawn.

Love and separation

gentlemans-courtI love the people responsible for the design and construction of this “gentleman’s court” at a private residence here in Austin.  Love them.  They are kind, talented, fun, creative, inspiring and do incredible things with metals, stones and all things green.  This little piece of work here is just one example of what separates them from the pack.

Planting stuff in the ground is so yesterday

planted-wallWhile all the other landscape designers are playing in the dirt, innovators like Dylan Robertson and his team at D-Crain are moving up.  Literally, like, up walls.  Here’s a sample of one of their “planted walls” over at the D-Crain HQ.

More from D-Crain

More landscape artistry from Dylan Robertson and his team at D-Crain.  I’m sure people hire them for different reasons, but it’s their insane ability to fit their designs into any environment that I find extraordinary.  Stay tuned for a shot of the wedding area they did at Umlauf Sculpture Garden.