“The Situation” at the US Open

So if you haven’t seen the video, here it is.

Mark Knowles


Here’s a shot of him taking a rest on one of the practice courts at the 2008 US Open. He had an injury and lost his third round match the following day.  But I doubt it was a big deal to him. Let me tell you a little bit about this guy.  For those who don’t follow tennis, Mark is one of the greatest doubles players in history.  A few months ago, he won his 50th career title at the Davidoff Swiss Indoors with his partner Mahesh Bhupati.  I spent some time with Mark in New York, and while he’s a top-tier athlete, he’s also very kind, generous, grounded and a devoted husband and father to their two boys. His wife and mine have been friends for 25 years.

He’s also a damn good golfer, but I plan to take him out and give him a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’ this spring at the course of his choice.  All the best on the court in 2009, MK.

Highly recommended


Unless you just can’t stand tennis, I highly recommend going to the US Open in New York.  In my opinion, it blows away any golf tournament.  But, I haven’t been to the Masters, the US Open (golf tournament), the British Open (now called The Open Championship?) or the PGA.  I still think a tennis tournament is better for me, because I hate watching golf.  The only thing worse than watching golf in person is watching it on TV.  Scratch that.  Watching golf in person and standing next to Bobby Clampett, Curtis Strange and Gary Koch would be worse.