Chef Josh Watkins’ Heirloom Tomato Salad

New food

salsaA friend of mine likes to say, “There’s nothing special about _____, but there’s something REALLY special about NEW _____.  It’s the same with food.  I’ve recently been introduced to new food, and while it’s not new, it’s new to me and it’s mighty special.  El Macho Chupacabra is bringing authentic Mexican grub to Austin.  Not sure where yet, and there’s lots to do between me and a bunch of that there, but The Marketing Butcher and I just got back from shooting some of their dishes and stuff down in Helotes at the home of Jim  Peyton and his beautiful, supertalented wife Andrea.  See that hammered bowl of orange stuff there?  You claim you don’t like onions?  Bullshit.  Try one of those, then lie to me.  That roasted tomatillo salsa there in the middle is incredible.  The verde up there on the upper end of the big molcajete puts the crap you get at Guero’s to shame. Don’t get me started on the escapeche.  Google any of those words if you’re curious.  You know you are.

The decency of a reach-around


Fellow bloggers:  If you’re not going to ask permission to use a photograph from someone who spent lots of time and money creating it, then take a lesson from Catherine Jagers over at Fish and Veggies.  She, for one, had the decency to link back to where she found it.