Shot at High Noon

So I got a call from my pals out at UT Golf Club yesterday, needing a shot of #12.  I dug up this one and thought about what a handy tool HDR has been for me and golf.  I shot this one at high noon a few years ago.  Before, shooting a golf course at any time other than “the golden hour” was a bad idea.  Noon was out of the question.  Not anymore.  You real estate marketers remember this when you’re told you can’t shoot in the middle of the day.

2011 Texas Gubernatorial Inauguration

Why is this not litter?

So on the way back from lunch at Casino el Camino yesterday, I saw this on the dirtiest, stinkiest, most disgusting sidewalk in North America (6th Street, Austin, Texas) and see this.  If it were a Pepsi top, I think the same old thought would come to mind:  “People are thoughtless pigs, littering on my street.”  Maybe even if it were a Budweiser top.  Maybe. Definitely if it were ANY light beer.  But Coke has brand power with me like no other.  I wonder why.  Because I’ve never, in 44 years, had a bad experience with it?  Or maybe I have, and it still didn’t prevent me from buying it again.


So in case you’re wondering why I’ve been so silent over the past few months, above is a big part of the reason.  Infor sent me on a 10-city photo tour shooting their actual customers, and we’re on city seven.  Great job, great people to work with and if this doesn’t wear out my shutter, nothing will.  Tens of thousands of images into this thing, I still can’t call it work.  Thanks to everyone who has provided support and assistance through this bigtime shoot.  Onward.

The Carillon

Living in a restaurant-rich town like Austin, one of the most commonly asked questions for business lunchers and couples looking for a place to have a nice dinner is, “Where should we go?”  Consider The Carillon at the AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center.  Chef Josh Watkins is one of the most brilliant creative culinary minds in the business, and he continues to amaze and impress me with the things he does with the most simple ingredients.  I shot a bunch of his stuff last night, and the best part?  The team and I got to eat it all afterward. Tough job, those food shoots.  Big thanks to Chef Watkins and his staff, and to Keith Purcell, Terrence Moline and Delia Huang for all the help.

Killin’ time in the ghetto

It’s not too late.  There are a few tickets left for the 2010 Texas Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Awards Show. This Sunday (March 7th) night, me and 1,200 others will sit right there in the irreplaceable Paramount Theatre and listen to Clint Black, alone with a guitar, singing some of the songs we all two-step to.  Killin’ Time, Nothing’s News, A Better Man, some others.  And Clint will pass the mic to Mac Davis.  That’s right.  Mac Davis.  Some of you know him for his Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me and (Lubbock) Texas In My Rear View Mirror, but get this:  Mac wrote Elvis Presley’s mega-hit In the Ghetto.  No, I’m not kidding.  He also wrote what you kids know as the theme song to that Vegas TV show, A Little Less Conversation.  And Lee Roy Parnell will be up there singing Whitey Shafer’s songs that helped skyrocket George Strait to stardom: All My Exes Live in Texas and Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind being a couple of them.  Hell, we’ve got a jukebox on the Texas Songwriters’ Hall of Fame website…go listen to a few of them, and buy your tickets right there online.  There will not be a more intimate, special, unique songwriter show in 2010.  I guarantee it.  The late great Stephen Bruton is being honored posthumously with the Darrell K Royal Patron Award, and while Jeff Bridges wanted to come to the show, he has to be in LA that night to accept an Oscar for his performance in Crazy Heart, the film in which Stephen’s songwriting and producing talents were a major influence to the soundtrack.  And if you’re in need of a more eloquent articulation of this event, take a look at this post from a friend of mine who’s an incredibly talented writer.


So I finally got an iPhone, and as much as I like it, I’m astonished by the quality of the photos it takes.  I say “it,” because there are no settings.  It’s all automatic.  This is the first photo I took with it, today, on 6th Street.  The only Photoshop work done here was to cut the file size in half.  Incredible.  Those people there at Apple may just have a future in computers and stuff.

Chef Josh Watkins’ Heirloom Tomato Salad


So you’ve finished a full day of executive education and you’re like me in that you like to eat and drink more than just about anything else.  Gabriel’s is your spot.  Full bar, tasty grub crafted by Chef Josh Watkins, a great view of the tower and a bunch of cool old Longhorn memorabilia everywhere.  The AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center is easily the best kept secret in Austin meeting space.  Unless you’re an Aggie.

Ledge Stone

Sunset off the back deck at Ledge Stone, yesterday.

Jack Nicklaus and Carlton Wade

Most of you thought you’d see those two names right next to each other, high up on a yellow British leaderboard.  Gotta go, Jack’s jet arrives at ABIA any minute.  He’s flying me down to play an exhibition at Lost Tree.

2010 Texas State Fair

wtfFosforus is in the planning stages of next year’s food craze for the Texas State Fair, and I believe we’ve got a finalist here with “wearable food,” for those of you who have had enough fried this-and-that.  Recipes vary, but this particular one here is a cheese-baked ciabatta roll, buttered on the inside for easy slip-on.  Special thanks to hand model Will Wade.