Jack Burke

After linking to and reading (again) Guy Yocom’s interview with Jack Burke in a previous entry, I feel compelled to give it its own post.  It is by far the best thing I’ve ever read about golf.  For those interested in learning the game, you must read this interview.  It’s a shame Mr. Burke isn’t running the PGA, the USGA and all the other groups that claim to support the game.  And for those of you who disagree with his views on golf, guess what:  you’re part of the problem.

Highly recommended


Unless you just can’t stand tennis, I highly recommend going to the US Open in New York.  In my opinion, it blows away any golf tournament.  But, I haven’t been to the Masters, the US Open (golf tournament), the British Open (now called The Open Championship?) or the PGA.  I still think a tennis tournament is better for me, because I hate watching golf.  The only thing worse than watching golf in person is watching it on TV.  Scratch that.  Watching golf in person and standing next to Bobby Clampett, Curtis Strange and Gary Koch would be worse.