I love this golf course

I know, I know.  This can’t happen anymore.  A golf course designed and built for golf’s sake.  (I got that line from Frances Trimble, a highly-respected Texas golf writer and historian.)  Golf courses should be built with the golfer in mind, shouldn’t they?  Not for selling real estate or as a place on which to sprinkle the dookie water from surrounding developments.  Golfcrest Country Club in Pearland is incredible, and there’s nothing flashy about it.  Simple, straightforward golf with beautiful trees and turf.  So what if the clubhouse looks like Noah’s Ark (not my description).  This, my friends, is what golf should be.  Allen Findlay, chairman of the Greens Committee there, told me that Hurricane Ike took 400 trees.  I can’t imagine what it looked like before.