A new day at Cordillera Ranch

cordillera_ranch_2009The clubhouse is almost ready to open its doors.  I’ve always loved everything about this place, but I had no idea how nice the clubhouse would be, and how well it wraps up the whole property.  I shot this one last Tuesday morning around 7:30 from the road coming in.


Truth and deception


I like the truth, mostly.  Especially in a photograph.  But there are times when the truth gets in the way of the sale, without being deceptive.  Mike Nolen at Falconhead Golf Club asked me to come out and shoot the newly landscaped 17th hole, which you see here.  The best shot seemed to be from up on the hill left of the tee, but from up there, you get a good view of Lake Travis High School back there behind the trees.  You don’t see it from the tee.  But you also don’t see the surface of the green from the tee, which makes it a visually intimidating shot.

The point here is that while the top photo isn’t completely truthful, it shows the landscape better because the viewer isn’t distracted by something else.  I wonder which one you like better.  I know which one I do.

The 17th hole at Falconhead



So what if I’ve never made par on it…

Cordillera RanchTough hole to play, but I love the way the par-3 13th at Cordillera Ranch photographs.  I even put a shot of it from 2006 on my business card.  I hate business cards.


keyholeA peek through the keyhole in the door to the studios at Fosforus.  We’re working on something pretty cool.  And it has nothing to do with that shot of the tea bottle.  Kidding.  Sort of.  That project is cool, too, but the one I’m talking about is big time.  Think:  meat, guitars, vodka, wine, candles, beautiful women and a 100-foot long table.

Rain on Congress


Caught this one on Congress Avenue yesterday on the way to meet Ryan Young about our music/food show.  Feel free to steal this one for your FaceTwitterMyFlickrBookSpace.

On the tee

utgolfclub18thteeA few guys from the golf staff at UT Golf Club on the 18th tee.  This hole, in my opinion, is the best closing hole in the Austin area.  And all the times I’ve played bogeyed it, I always thought to peel a draw off that right fairway bunker.  GM Steve Termeer (there in the white cap) says no.  The correct line is at the left bunker.  Who knew?  I guess it pays to listen to a good player.

19th Hole


A peek into the bar at UT Golf Club.

UT Golf Club Clubhouse

utgolfclubhall1Been out to see the new clubhouse at UT Golf Club?  Very nice.  Here’s a shot from the hall that connects the main lobby to the golf shop.  Stay tuned for more.

Texas Bourbon

garrisonbrosSome people are into wine, horses, art, hunting, other stuff.  I like Bourbon whiskey.  I also like finding a new one, especially one that’s right down the street.  One that, when I buy it, keeps money here in Texas.  Nothing against Kentucky or Tennessee, I’ve certainly exported plenty of cash to both, and I probably still will even after Garrison Brothers opens the tap for good.  But maybe not.  If this stuff is as good as Dan Garrison says it is, there will be a noticeable imbalance in the economies of the abovementioned states.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek into Texas’ first legal Bourbon distillery.

West Pole

west-poleA dear friend of mine has a place he calls the “West Pole.”  He figures if there’s a North Pole and a South Pole, why the hell can’t there be a West Pole?  He has a collection of old Western and Texan stuff so large, he had to build a warehouse the size of an airplane hangar to keep it all in.  He rents a lot of it out to the movie industry for props and such.  This old wagon sits in one of the barns there at the West Pole.

My book


So for those who don’t want to click through the whole blog and sit through my ramblings, click here to see a random sample of some images from the past year or so.  Shots from assigments, directed shots, personal stuff.  Chase Jarvis, at one point, asked readers to send in their opinions as to which ones in his portfolio they liked (and disliked) most.  I’d sure appreciate some feedback from you.  I like them all, so if you only want to tell me which ones suck, that’s okay, too.  Thanks for any input.

More defense of the short par-4

acc4Allow me to define “reachable” when referring to par-4s.  According to the PGA Tour’s stats, only 55 yards spearates the longest driver (Bubba Watson, 315 yds.) from the guy sitting at 197th (Corey Pavin, 261) in driving distance.   That means most tour players hit it about 290.  Tour players.  Not you.  Some of you hit it longer, but unless you’re eight or eighty years old or have some physical setback that keeps you from making an efficient golf swing, you can hit it 290 if you really go after it.  Hitting the ball past Corey Pavin is not magic or strength or the ball or the driver or the shaft.  So, all you golf course architects:  Please, please build more holes for me.  300 from the back tee, maybe 210 from the ladies’ tee.  Then go to work on the green complex.  Options, options.  Make one bunker deep, another shallow enough to putt from.  False fronts, false rears, whatever.  Make me think about playing golf.

Here’s a list of some short par 4’s I like around the Austin area (golf course architect):

#10 at Lions Muny (Not sure…John Bredemus?)

#4 at Austin Country Club (Pete Dye)

#3 at Onion Creek Club (Jimmy Demaret)

#12 at Barton Creek Foothills (Tom Fazio)

#13 at UT Golf Club (Roy Bechtol/Randy Russell)

#15 at Grey Rock Golf Club (Jay Morrish)

#14 at Barton Creek Cliffside (Ben Crenshaw/Bill Coore)

#16 at Roy Kizer GC (Randy Russell)

Maybe you have some favorites?