lakecliff_2009I stopped by the 8th green at Lakecliff Country Club on the way home from my D-Crain shoot on Tuesday and got this one.


I just received a “comment” under that last post about Onion Creek.  It’s actually SPAM, and I would’ve just let the filter grab it, but I’ve decided to allow the comment to make it all the way through.  Why?  Because I visited the site the spammers are pushing, and I saw something interesting.


Why is it interesting?  Because the background is one of my photos.  It’s one of the 8th hole at Lakecliff, flipped and cropped and positioned so (I guess) I wouldn’t find out about it.  Here’s the same photo, zoomed out a little, and flipped back to the original perspective:


So I strolled along, looking for something else that might be mine.  Ah-hah!


That one up there behind the guy in the video is one I shot out at Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course in Fredericksburg, about ten years ago.

These guys walked right into my house, stole a couple of things, ran off and used them to pretty up their house, then came back knocking on my door with a bunch of spam in their hands.  Balls?  Stupidity?  Not sure, really.  Maybe some of both.

So why am I torn?  Because I saw a photo, a video, and a little bio of my old fellow Barton Creek cart jockey Robert Baker on their site.  Baker is a terrific guy.  Born and raised in Capetown, South Africa and somewhere in Germany, a great player (left- and right-handed), and just a great guy to be around.  He has had a ton of success in golf instruction, too.  He worked with David Leadbetter for awhile before breaking off on his own to teach some of golf’s greatest, Ernie Els for one.  Hell, he’s been on the cover of Golf Magazine.

So if this is one of Robert’s projects, I don’t mind if he uses my photos.  I would’ve given them to him.  Even after he stole them.  I like him that much.  But if that site is not his…

More from D-Crain

More landscape artistry from Dylan Robertson and his team at D-Crain.  I’m sure people hire them for different reasons, but it’s their insane ability to fit their designs into any environment that I find extraordinary.  Stay tuned for a shot of the wedding area they did at Umlauf Sculpture Garden.