Et tu, Austin?

coolerIt’s hard to describe what makes Austin Austin, but I think I’m onto something.  When I first came to visit here in 1988, I noticed something comforting, inviting, safe.  The graffiti, even on dive bar bathroom walls, was harmless, clean, smart and sometimes inspiring.  No phone numbers, no genital references and no profanity.  I guess it’s still mostly that way, and at first glance at the water cooler on the 8th tee at Lions Muny last Friday, I assumed the spirit was alive and well. But then I looked a little closer, only to find stains of the creatively-challenged.  Please, golfers, if you feel the need to scribble out what’s on your mind, and it’s not something you’d want me to find out that you wrote and my daughter read, either write it on your pathetic excuse for a scorecard or leave the grafitti to the professionals.  Thank you.




I played Lions Muny on Friday in a fundraiser for O Henry Middle School, and it was everything I hoped it’d be.  We even won the damn thing, by six shots.  Five pars, two eagles, the rest birdies.  I love Lions Muny so much I can’t bear the thought of it going away.  If you sleazebag developers get your way, you’ll be responsible for bringing North Austin down into my neck of the woods.  And that is NOT cool.  If that doesn’t make sense to you, then here’s a little math to clear it up:  Austin – Lions Muny = Waco.

Hope and change vs. reality

I’m sure going to miss this place.  My kids are beginning to get old enough to start playing golf, and I sure would like to take them here to teach them.  Where will we go when developers have their way?  A “high-end daily fee?”  No thanks.  Jackie Burke was quoted on the subject of those places as saying something like: …a father takes his family out for a day of golf, spends $50 each on green fees, $10 each on lunch, tips whoever has his hand out and cringes when the kids ask if they can do that again tomorrow.

The 10th hole at Lions Muny

Here’s one of my favorite short par 4s.  Find me a private club with 18 holes like this, and I’d join.  Think about it.  Who needs par 3s and par 5s if you have a bunch of these?  Every hole would be a birdie hole, with the risk of making double.  Beautiful.  Message to Roy Bechtol:  You’ve got the balls to sell this to your next client.  Do it!