Chef Josh Watkins’ Heirloom Tomato Salad

Sometimes it’s easy

laceyI read a lot about photography. Mostly on the web, comments from other shooters, business-type stuff.  And I come across a lot of “we photographers have the hardest, most rewarding job in the world.”  Please.  Making pictures, even at the most extreme level, isn’t even in top half of the toughest or most rewarding.  It may be slightly difficult at times or give the shooter a sense of accomplishment, but real toughness is found elsewhere.  (Joe McNally would’ve surely disagreed with me after muling that balance beam through a muddy cornfield.)

And sometimes it’s one of the easiest jobs in the world.  I’ve been working on some photos for a van wrap for Meals on Wheels and More, and today, my work was done before I ever released the shutter.  That’s Lacey there, a volunteer for MOWAM, who was very kind in giving even more of her time to come down to the studios at Fosforus and stand in for a few shots.  Thanks, Lacey.  You did all the heavy lifting today.


Learning is a huge part of photography.  One extremely crucial thing I’ve learned from Fosforus is the importance of being versatile.

While on a golf course landscape shoot, the GM asked if I could shoot his staff for their new website.  I had no gear, no time and no real expertise for such a request, but I did have an SB-800 and an aftermarket TTL cord in the glovebox.  I found a plain wall next to a window with some indirect light, chimped some tests on my first subject and called the rest of ’em in.  Above is the loot.

I’m sure some of you can pick these apart and tell me all the things I did wrong, but the client was thrilled with the results.  Isn’t that all that matters?