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Texas Bound for Golf

texasgolf2009We did it again.  The 2009 issue of Texas Bound for Golf just hit the streets this week, the second one we’ve done for the Office of the Governor, Tourism Division.  We, as in Texas Monthly Custom Publishing.  Below is a digital copy, or if you prefer, call 1-800-8888-TEX and ask them to mail you one to keep in your glovebox.  For the road tripper, it’s a pretty handy tool, if for nothing else than to have the phone number and address of every golf course in Texas.  (Big thanks to Leslie Williams for the cool cover concept and for the file below.)

texasboundgolf2009 (7.8MB pdf)

2009 Texas Bound for Golf


So we (and I mean Texas Monthly, Jason Stone, Leslie Willams and me) are gathering provisions for the 2009 issue of our annual Texas golf guide for the Governor.  Here’s where you come in:  If you know something we should know about Texas golf (funny, strange, unknown, new, forgotten, newsworthy, pretty, gross, whatever), send it to me in a comment below this post.  Odds are, it’ll be published in the guide, so golfers from around the world will know it, too.