Why is this not litter?

So on the way back from lunch at Casino el Camino yesterday, I saw this on the dirtiest, stinkiest, most disgusting sidewalk in North America (6th Street, Austin, Texas) and see this.  If it were a Pepsi top, I think the same old thought would come to mind:  “People are thoughtless pigs, littering on my street.”  Maybe even if it were a Budweiser top.  Maybe. Definitely if it were ANY light beer.  But Coke has brand power with me like no other.  I wonder why.  Because I’ve never, in 44 years, had a bad experience with it?  Or maybe I have, and it still didn’t prevent me from buying it again.

A thousand words

Never again will I have to explain what it is I like about downtown Austin.


So I finally got an iPhone, and as much as I like it, I’m astonished by the quality of the photos it takes.  I say “it,” because there are no settings.  It’s all automatic.  This is the first photo I took with it, today, on 6th Street.  The only Photoshop work done here was to cut the file size in half.  Incredible.  Those people there at Apple may just have a future in computers and stuff.

SXSW 2009

sxswOne reason I love SXSW (while other locals seem to avoid it) is because of what happened last Thursday.  I walk across the street to BD Riley’s for a burger, around noon.  All of a sudden, this band cranks it up and rocks the place sideways while I’m having a business lunch meeting.  The client loved the energy and spontaneity of it all and bought everything I was selling.  This kind of stuff doesn’t happen at ACL Fest.  Or maybe it does.  Most of the time, I’m not a crowd person, and that’s all ACL Fest is.  SXSW allows me to choose.  It’s barely over, and I can hardly wait for next year’s.

Another reason I love it is that it’s so undefined.  ACL Fest is about music, for hardcore music listeners.  SXSW incorporates music, interactive and film.  Probably more.  And the whole time it’s going on, I don’t know what’s happening where.  But the energy is incredible.  And that’s just on the periphery.

More from Tuning Fork


Tuning Fork

tuningfork6The first volume of Tuning Fork has come and gone.  Thanks to everyone for doing what you did:  Ryan Young, Taylor Vieger and Jason Lewis there, for your incredible music.  Eric Sutherland and the gang at Fosforus for the use of your space.  Patrick Spruiell for your help with setup and soundcheck.  And big thanks to everyone who came and feasted on brisket, chocolate, cheese, grapes, beer and wine.  Stay tuned for more pics, some vidclips and announcements on the next show.

Fire on Sixth Street

sixthstreetfireFor those who know and love Maggie Mae’s and the Blind Pig Pub, here’s a shot from yesterday morning, just after the AFD put out the flames.  Not sure how long these two Sixth Street staples will be out of commission.

The Perfect Company?

fosforusMaybe, but at the very least, Fosforus is easily one of the most effective companies I’ve seen, in terms of what goes on there and what their clients get from them.  As a whole, they deliver fresh, smart business ideas and direction, but it’s downright astounding to witness the separate creative elements spill out.  Ask anyone there to come up with something to help your business, then push “start” on your stopwatch.

Their head writer is smart, informed, caring and genuinely interested in helping sell whatever there is to sell.  Not just tell.  I’m sure lots of companies have enough cash to simply spend a lot of money to show and tell, but I bet more and more of them will find their way to companies like Fosforus, especially in the current economic storm.

Their Creative Director (and I’m not blowing smoke here) is the Tiger Woods of the creative world.  His brilliant mind churns out more effective, creative and relative ideas in 30 seconds than I would in month.  Scratch that.  He does things I could never do.  Ever.

Their design guys stay out front in terms of what’s cool, what’s next, what’s useless and what works in different situations.  Masters of media, all of them.

I overheard a client of theirs coming out of a first meeting with them, saying, “My bullshit meter never went off.”  And that client went in with an itchy bullshit trigger finger.  I’ve watched the Fosforus engine work from many different angles, for years now, and I can safely say the same thing.