Brad Dunn on iTunes

Brad Dunn has completed his first album and it’s now up on iTunes.  Have a listen, buy a song, and tell all your friends that CW is the macdaddy who turned you on to him.  You may remember this photo I took of him down at Fosforus Studios.  You may also remember when I posted the shot below of him hitting it stiff out of the fairway bunker on #15 at Grey Rock, en route to beating me for the first time.  But since he’s been in the studios writing and recording around the clock for a few months, I’ll take him down next time.



Meet Bradley D. Dunn, one of Austin’s up-and-coming songwriters.  A good man with a beautiful family, a day job, a solid golf game and tons of songwriting talent spanning several genres of music.  Brad was in a hair band back when hair bands were the thing and has played rock and country and traveled the world with Sugar Ray and has thousands of stories from the road, I’m sure.  I didn’t ask out of sheer jealousy.  Had a good time with him during this shoot down at Fosforus.  Have a listen to a few of Brad’s recent songs here.