The Shady Grove’s Hamburger

shady-grove-1Had lunch at Shady Grove yesterday, and in my eternal quest to find the best hamburger (NOT cheeseburger) in Austin, I realize now that theirs should be on my short list.  I tend to forget about Shady Grove for regular client lunch meetings.  Not anymore.

Bridges on the Park

clb-8So I was going through the stock today and stumbled across this one of the lobby at Bridges on the Park, shot last summer for CLB Partners.  Really wish I had some dry powder about now.  I’d pick up a unit or two.  That’s a great spot.

Christmas on South Congress

soco_christmasWhile looking through some of the shots I did for the South Congress Business Alliance, I thought I’d give you a little Monday morning pop quiz.  My three models there, good looking as they are, aren’t actually models.  One’s a lawyer, another’s an actor, and the third is an oil & gas exec.  Get out your Big Chief tablet and send in your guesses as to who does what.